Upstate Imports


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Upstate Imports initially began with the name of Seayco’s Ultra Novelties in 1989. Later in 2004, they moved from Atlanta to Anderson, South Carolina. In 2017, they established their first wholesale warehouse in Spartanburg.

Upstate Imports is a Christian company owing its success to God. They believe in making small businesses sufficiently competent to be in pace with the larger ones.

They deal in a variety of products including cameras, electronic hardware, and devices like plugs, disc padlocks, folding shovels, USB chargers, motion detectors, etc., and mobile accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, touch-pads, wireless chargers, cell phone cables, etc.

The product line further includes household items, toys, and accessories like knives, scissors, hats, face masks, fidget spinners, wallets, flashlights, and watches. Moreover, winter clothing items like a sherpa, fleece-lined socks, beanies, and colorful toboggans are also available. Stun guns, knives, and pepper sprays are their famous products used for self-defense.

Upstate Imports makes no compromise on product quality. They strongly believe in offering the best customer support services, enhancing the shopping experience.

All packages are shipped on the same day of order placement. They offer free shipping for orders above $500. Return claims must only be made for defective pieces within a week after the initial purchase.

All of their items are available on SeeBiz. Visit the platform and purchase the items that pique your interest.