Selini New York


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Selini New York is a wholesale accessories business for both men and women started in 1991. They are a US-based business operated in different locations having headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey. With the experience of more than 3 decades, they have earned a good reputation in the accessories business.

Their main goal is to provide high-class quality accessories at the possible lowest prices.

Their catalog is specifically dedicated to menswear and stylish accessories that present a fashion statement for the wearer. Such as wedding and formal dress for men, watches, etc. Along with this they also carry a huge range of accessories for women such as handbags, clothing, etc. They also carry some exclusive items in travel accessories and for special events.

For Selini, their customer satisfaction is the first priority and for this, they offer customized products and alternative shopping venues.

They have a direct connection with the manufacturers and all merchandise reaches them without the interference of any middleman. That’s the reason they maintain low prices for their stock.

Customers can access the top branded apparel and accessories such as Parquet, Umo Lorenzo, Nollia Laurent Bennet, and many more.

They offer free shipping in the USA over the order of $200. They also do not set any minimum order quantity which is really helpful.

They dispatch orders within 1-2 days of the order placed date. Then, delivery time is according to the customer’s location and order size.

As they value customers’ satisfaction, they accept returns and full refunds within seven days of delivery but after that, they do not provide such a facility.

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