Sea Creations


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Sea Creations Inc. started out selling hand-painted sand dollar magnets. After almost 40 years of hard work, they’re also selling a hundred more items and souvenirs to retailers.

Based in Orlando FL, Sea Creations are wholesale suppliers of a wide variety of high-quality gift items. Some of their items include bottle openers, Christmas clocks, displays, Emblematic figurines, magnets, jewelry boxes, and other general items, etc.

All the items they provide are high-quality and appealing to customers. They’re also quite durable and don’t break or wear out easily. Their complete product line is available in bulk quantities at amazing prices.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for Sea Creations. They’ve been working hard for over 40 years to perfect their customer service.

From zoo kiosks to a large-scale retail store chain, no matter the scale of your business, they’ll easily fulfill orders. Simply fill out their registration form or connect with them directly on SeeBiz and start doing business.

On top of their great merchandise, they also have a great ordering policy. Easily start ordering items from Sea Creations at just a minimum of 100$, with a reorder minimum of 50$.

They ship all the items of order within 3-5 business days depending on the inventory. They use only reliable shipping companies like FedEx unless specified by the buyer.

The return policy is also great. You can process returns by contacting customer support directly and getting credited for defective goods. Goods returned will be subjected to a 15% restocking fee.

So, if you’re running a dollar store or a gift shop and looking for a reliable wholesale supplier, check out Sea Creations now.