Pit Bull Cap


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Pit Bull Cap is a quality brand of headwear by Choice Cap Inc. They took the initiative in the headwear business in 2000 with a goal to provide up-to-make quality to their customers. They have physical setups in three major cities Huston, Loss Range, and Chicago. Due to their determination, they successfully created a distinctive style of headwear for men, women, and kids.

From day one they are putting effort into achieving the mission of passion, fearlessness, and dedication while creating something different for their customers. They are successfully providing an unprecedented experience to their customers.

To satisfy the customers, they have maintained two catalogs for headwear. The first includes a premium range that is full of contemporary designs while the second consist of original that includes sophisticated designs for caps. Both catalogs have alluring and unique pieces.

Pit Bull also provides custom features to their customers. With this feature, customers can place orders for their own unique design of caps or with their own logo or print.

Customers need to place orders of at least 72 caps for custom orders. Such an order needs 14 days to deliver the stock after the approval of the design. They also charge a $45 one-time logo fee. Moreover, on customized orders, they do not accept any change or return policies.

They entertain both domestic and international orders. For 48 states and Washington DC, UPS provides shipping services. UPS and USPS services are acquired for shipping in Hawaii and Alaska. They also provide shipping to international customers.

Pit Bull clearly mentions that they do not have return and exchange policies. But in case the products are short, damaged, or affected, the buyer can apply for the return within 5 days of receipt.

Their wide collection can be accessed at SeeBiz in the section of hats in men’s accessories. Buyers are free to make direct connections to place customer orders or bulk orders of already available catalogs.