Luke Adams Glass


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Luke Adams Glass is located in Norwood, Massachusetts USA, selling unique and entirely different glass artwork.  Luke Adam took the initiative of Luke Adams Glass Studio in 2006 with the purpose of selling unique and appealing glass artwork by amazing artists.

If we dig down to the history of Luke Adams Glass, Adams, the owner was interested in art, drawing, and sketching from his childhood. He got professional studies in art and design. Fortunately, he found amazing teachers who polished his skills.

He started working in the glass art field after his graduation in 2001. He immediately decided to go with glass art instead of wasting time in other fields. Initially, he worked for other studios and made himself able to build his own studio, where he could work with his team and sell amazing art to art lovers.

Now several artists and glass makers are working in the Luke Adams Glass studio. They create amazing items by melting the glass in ovens and molding it into different shapes.

Along with providing training for this amazing art, Luke Adam offers plenty of unique and different ranges of glass items. These product ranges include glass pieces in beautiful shapes such as stars, flowers, pumpkins, etc. with eye-catching colors. They also have 3D glass pieces to add beauty to your home decor.

Each decor item is available in a separate box, making it easy for gifting purposes. They offer wholesale packages for decor businesses. As in their packages, they have different piece options such as 24, 48, 50, 96, 100, etc. It depends on the item’s type and customers’ demand.

They only sell their distinctive art pieces online. SeeBiz provides an amazing opportunity to get access to their beautiful range.