L&B life


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L&B Life, short for Lucky and Blessed Life is a family-owned and operated wholesale business based in Dallas TX. They do specialize in graphics t-shirts but they’re much more than a simple t-shirt store.

They source the shirts from brands that produce them through ethical means. The unique prints on the shirts are also created by in-house designers. After the prints are ready, they press them onto the shirts themselves. This creates a unique and high-quality shirt that’s comfortable to wear.

They understand that graphics t-shirts never go out of fashion. Customers purchase them year-round for casual wear which is why their demand is always high.

They have an extensive range of products on SeeBiz. Some of their popular products include blanks, adult t-shirts, youth t-shirts, family collection shirts, adult transfers, vinyl heat transfers, and many more.

Looking to stock up on shirts in particular colors? L&B Life helps you with color selection as well. They have a helpful color guide on the website that shows a variety of vibrant color schemes. You can choose from a host of colors and order the shirts that match your preference.

They value customer satisfaction above all. Each shirt is created to encourage customers to conduct long-term business with them.

Even if they don’t have particular designs in inventory, they have a week or two to arrange them on the customer’s demand.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable vendor to stock up on high-quality tees, L&B Life is a great option.