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LA Lighter is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cigarette lighters. We are reputed all over the world because of our specific field.

LA Light is a US-based business with headquarters in the heart of Los Angeles, California. We have a strong business history of 24 years by providing the best quality and innovation in our products.

Our main concern is to provide the best products with competitive prices that can boost the sales of our customers. So, we have set a tagline “quality you can see”.

Packaging for lighters is a noticeable factor as appealing and safe packing adds extra value. Moreover, printing is available in different languages that depend on consumers of a specific country.

Apart from standard products, we also strive to treat our customers with excellent service and support.

We have classified our product into two 3 major categories such as Wintle, Eagle Torch, 5- flags.

Wintle is our classic range of electronic lighters that further have multiple options such as flame adjustable, fixed flame, refillable, and non-refillable lighters.

A lighter is an expert in torch lighters with a huge variety of sizes and features in the Eagle Torch lighters segment.

5-Flags is another category that includes lighters with special features. This makes them interesting and useful in daily life. Windproof, LED, and bottle openers are a few examples of this section.

Due to our best stylish collection, we got an official license from MOSSY OAK and have a strong partnership with this sporting brand.

L.A. Lighter provides a facility for custom prints that allow our customers to have interesting prints on their lighters.

We always welcome new businesses and customers to build up strong business relations and frequently participate in trade shows. The objective is to join such an event to spread product knowledge to others and get the genuine opinion of customers.

Now SeeBiz is the easiest way to contact us. Our whole collection is available there.