Kaufman Furs


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Located in New York City, Kaufman Furs is one of the largest wholesale companies for fur clothing items. They specialize in fur storage, fur cleaning, fur repairing, and providing designer fur clothing for both men and women.

This company was established by the Marc Kaufman family in 1870. Since then, they have been a part of our production and design in America and abroad.

Their premium quality fur coats and jackets have been featured in many Hollywood movies for the last three centuries. Celebrities love to wear Kaufman Fur coats, mink coats, and sable coats.

The most popular fur clothing items by Kaufman include mink strollers, lynx coats, sable furs, chinchilla coats, fox furs, fur capes, fur vests, and more.

Besides clothing items, you can also find accessories made of 100% pure furs, such as fur handbags, fur headbands, earmuffs, wraps, shawls, and more.

Another great thing about Kaufman Furs is that they offer excellent customer service to all of their clients. Their team stays available 24/7 to provide assistance and help solve their client’s issues.

They provide multiple payment options to make the shopping experience even better for the customers.

They offer an extensive range of quality fur products on both retail and wholesale levels.

For their quality products, they charge very reasonable market rates.