House of Hobbies


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Situated in Burbank, California, House of Hobbies has been successfully operating in the retail sector. Established in 1952, the company seeks to provide enticing products to its customers.

House of Hobbies understands the significance of childhood learning. It is a one-stop-shop for parents to understand the importance of learning with play.

Most of the items include books, magazines, pinewood derby, cars, and toys. Some of its products such as painting tools and model kits are the most-liked ones. Model kits are a significant help for teenagers interested in science projects. Others such as model trains, Gundam and Anime, Pre-built collectibles, airplanes, vintage toys, soldiers, and replica weapons are more captivating for boys interested in action.

The shop further provides learning materials for children such as a variety of Microscale Decal stickers of letters and numbers. Parallel stripes stickers in different colors are also available.

It has a simple return policy. Returns can be made only within 30 days after initial purchase with the application of certain terms and conditions.

House of Hobbies provides the facility of gift cards to its customers and occasionally offers sales on its items as well.