Flex Fit


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Located in California, FlexFit is a manufacturing and wholesale distribution company for hats. This company was founded in 1974 by Paul Park with the mission to revolutionize the headwear industry. Paul’s goal was to invent caps and hats that challenge the normal fashion trends of society.

They create innovative products with great passion and excellent craftsmanship. The goal of this company is to focus on mindful designs and quality engineering of its products. With over 40 years of experience, the FlexFit team ensures that their customers are satisfied.

FlexFit is specialized in providing private label headwear, blank caps, and other custom headwear. They offer more than 700 attractive designs of supreme quality wholesale headwear to fulfill their customers’ needs.

The thing that differentiates FlexFit from others is a set foundation of conducting their business with integrity, ethics, and principles. They focus on making decisions that benefit them, their employees, partners, customers, and the community.

They promise to strive for their customers’ 100% satisfaction with their products. Also, they sustain their efforts to follow the new technology and trends in the market to deliver excellent quality headwear.