Epoch Hats


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Epoch Hats are online wholesalers of headwear products.

It started as a domestic headwear factory in 1995 in New York. Later, followed by continuous struggles, they became successful in turning that factory into a national import and export business. In 2005 they achieved another milestone with the acquisition of ANGELA & WILLIAM, E-FLAG, and EPOCH HATS.

Epoch’s exceptional services and style make them the epitome of class in the industry of headwear. Their goal is to provide the best quality products in distinct styles and at the best pricing to their customers.

Their product list includes Fedora, knit hats, Greek Fisherman, Dad Hat, Cloche, Church Hat, Cowboy Hats, Floppy Hats, Ivy Caps, Pork Pie, Fur hats, Wool Felt Hats, and many more. They also have a wide variety of scarves i.e. knit, cashmere, pashmina in their collection. You can even get your desired headwraps, masks, bags, and pom pom accessories from them.

They claim all their products are manufactured in China using top quality materials guaranteeing products’ long life.

Moreover, through such an ample product collection, the entire team of Epoch Hats is committed to driving success to your headwear business.

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