Boulevard Apparel


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Established in 1998, Boulevard Apparel is a wholesale apparel manufacturer and supplier.  They are situated in the Fashion District of Los Angeles, California. Eugene Kaplan is the current CEO of the brand.

Boulevard Apparel is a brand that believes in providing quality clothing to its customers to give them a classy look. It aims to sell its products at competitive rates, making them accessible to all.

They offer clothing for women, men, and kids with an immense variety of products. Dresses and outfits in different sizes, colors, and fabric materials are available. For instance, the vendor offers 2-piece sets (hoodie and pants), puffy jackets & vests. It also sells jumpsuits, hoodies, rompers, etc. Bottoms of various styles like jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings, capris and Bermudas, push-up jeans, soft-pants, levanta cola, etc. The brand also offers clothing for kids like Denim Bermuda shorts.

Especially for women, trendy and classy boutique dresses, activewear and long & short-sleeved tops are also present in the catalog. One can also find Summer Special outfits and swimwear. Every outfit has a unique design, color, and comfortable fabric material.

The brand has made customer satisfaction its top priority. It ensures that the products are finely manufactured with neat finishing.

It occasionally offers discount codes and sales (10%, 40%, 50%) on its items.

FedEx and Common Carrier are used for fast and reliable delivery of all orders. Free shipping is offered for shopping over $299. Returns can be claimed within 7 days after initial purchase. Non-defective returns are subjected to a 20% restocking fee.

Boulevard Apparel is a one-stop store for those willing to do smart shopping. So, grab your favorite outfits by approaching them via SeeBiz.