Blackball Corp


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Black Corp is a reliable name for bulk posters, novelty items, and smoking accessories. Alex and Paulie Velasquez put the foundation of this business in 1995. The business location is in Weimar, Texas.

It is a family-owned business that believes in building relations with customers that help to meet what is actually their needs. To build good relations with customers they are serving them with fast shipping, without charging more for quality products. Moreover, provides the best customer service.

They go with the logo of “We are family-owned and operated so we understand the importance of great relationships with great customers!”  They strive to provide prompt shipping, quality products at affordable pricing, and the best customer service in the industry.

They develop their own famous brands to serve the customers with the best and most distinctive products. Road Rage, Burning Rage, Nuite, Stash Tin, and several others are their famous brands.

Other than their own brands, they have a good relationship with several other reliable suppliers to have the best quality products. These suppliers are novelty specialists, smoking accessories suppliers, and also successful poster makers. Zippo, Wildberry, Gonesh, Pure, Punky, and Color, are a few on that list.

By providing their own products and sourcing from other suppliers, they are creating the widest catalog retailers and resellers. This updated stock fulfills customers’ growing needs.

In 2018, Blackball Corp collaborated with Scorpio posters that always provided products in accordance with the customers’ tastes. With this partner, they are able to focus on new styles and continuously expand their licensed poster collection. It includes regular paper posts and blacklight reactive velvet posters with an unmatchable catalog of posters.

Several types of women’s accessories and stitching accessories are available. Similarly, their amazing products are also found in the section of home decor, smoking, kitchen, and dining and also in other categories at SeeBiz.

Even their unique and amazing gadgets will be the center of attraction for wholesalers and resellers in the category of electronics.

Explore their amazing range at SeeBiz and make a direct connection with black Ball Corp. to buy products that help to grow your business.