Bella Candle Factory


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Bella Candle Factory is a supplier of hand-made dessert candles. Located in LA, California, they have been serving their customers for years.

They are committed to providing purely handmade desserts and candles. Vegan soy wax and natural fragrance oil have been used in the making of these candles.

They specifically work on dessert themes and each and every candle is made with a lot of care and passion. With great passion, they are able to make candles that are difficult to distinguish if they are real or not.

In addition to their look, the fragrance is another element that makes the pieces alluring at a party or any event. So, their collection is a good source to decorate and change the look of a place.

Their unique pieces are the best option for a gift no matter what the occasion is. These pieces are also part of weddings, events, boutiques, and gifts.

Buyers can ask for customization of the orders to make them more creative and attractive according to their needs.

Wholesalers can acquire this candle stock for gifting, decorating, and also party suppliers’ accessories.

Bella Candle Factory, an amazing range of candles is available at SeeBiz in categories of greeting cards & party supplies in holiday and seasonal decor.