American Price Mark Supplies


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American PriceMark Supplies is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of printing equipment and supplies. With headquarters in Lake Orion Michigan, American PriceMark Supplies was established in 1982 by a husband-wife duo Rob Puzio and Brenda. Different businesses, offices, and companies turn to American PriceMark Supplies for office printing supplies.

We provide a huge variety of price tagging guns, ink rollers, plunger stampers, custom labels, tagging barbs, and label supplies at very affordable and reasonable prices. We offer the perfect trio of the finest quality, best service, and reasonable pricing which makes our customers want to come back to us. Some of our honored customers include Dunkin Donuts, Whole Foods Market, Best Buy, JCPenny, Sears, and PetCo.

For 37 years, we have been providing custom label printing equipment and Price Gun supplies at the lowest price in the market while offering premium customer service. Providing our customers with the best quality is our ultimate goal. We also assist our customers in getting ideas from concepts to designing and printing labels for them in the most cost-effective way. Visit our SeeBiz account for the details of our products. Follow our daily posts and put your orders there.